3 Ways to Help Your Dog Beat Boredom


When we think about our dog’s daily schedule, we tend to think about them sleeping the day away, going for a walk, eating, and snuggling with us at the end of the day but in reality, dogs can develop boredom, especially the ones left at home while pet parents are out at their full-time jobs. Boredom and lack of mental stimulation can lead to destructive behavior so here are a few ways to help your pup relieve boredom and maintain a fun environment for them, even when you’re not around.


1. Maintain regular exercise: Exercise is one of the most effective ways to release your pup’s pent up energy and provide mental stimulation. Of course, exercise is important for physical health so there’s no reason to avoid exercise! Make walks a regular part of your routine and if your schedule only allows for early morning or evening walks, dress your buddy in a reflective safety vest so you’re visible to vehicles and bikes. If you can’t fit walks into your schedule, then enlist the services of a dog walker or explore doggy daycare options. Not only will your pup get the exercise that they need, having a dog walker visit or taking them to a doggy daycare will break up their days as well as give them an opportunity to socialize.


2. Get some new toys: If dogs could have it their way, they’d be happy with a new toy every day! While this might not be sustainable, it is worth switching out your fur baby’s toys in order to provide them with mental stimulation. Try leaving your pup with a toy or two that’s only reserved for when you’re not there. If you have multiple toys, switch them out regularly to keep things interesting for your dog. Just ensure that whatever toy you put out when you’re not there doesn’t contain any choking hazards. Need some new toys to add into the rotation? Check out our variety of dog rope toy sets and our stuffing-less plush toys.


3. Turn treat or mealtime into a game: Like humans, dogs need mental stimulation in order to relieve boredom and keep their minds sharp. In addition to breaking up your pooch’s day with exercise and new toys, you can try to make their meal or treat time into a game. There are countless treat dispensing toys which require your dog to work for their treat! If you have a food hound who hoovers their kibble, give them a challenge! Our dog snuffle mat (available in U.K. only) will help your buddy eat their food at a healthy pace while turning meal time into a fun game.


We hope these tips are helpful in breaking up your dog’s day so when you come home after a long day, you can go straight into snuggles with your fur baby and not cleaning up a mess they made when they got bored. Visit 4LegsFriend.com to pick up everything you and your pup need to beat boredom!

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