🐶 4 Thanksgiving 🍗 Safety Tips For Your Dog

Soon Americans will be getting ready to gather around the table with friends and family for Thanksgiving. While the holidays can be equally joyous and stressful - for humans and dogs alike - thinking ahead, taking precautions, and keeping an eye on your pup will help ensure a fun and fulfilling holiday for all. Here are a few safety, health, and wellness tips to keep in mind:


- Turkey talk: Your dog is going to try hard to convince you to give them some of that turkey sitting on the table so if you decide to share, make sure it is cooked and boneless. Undercooked

or raw turkey isn’t good for humans, much less dogs, and can contain salmonella bacteria which could cause gastrointestinal issues. Also, since the cooked bones of a turkey may lead to choking or digestion issues, make sure to dispose of the turkey carcass somewhere that you’re sure your clever pal can’t get to - or better yet, take out the trash right away.


- No dough: If you’re baking bread and desserts, keep the dough or raw batter out of reach from your pet. Yeast in bread can cause bloating and put alcohol in your dog’s system. This happens

when the yeast begins to turn the sugar in the dough into a carbon dioxide gas and alcohol, which can cause serious health issues. Raw eggs in dessert recipes can also contain the salmonella bacteria and lead to salmonella infection, as mentioned above.



- Take a walk: A walk with your dog comes with a lot of benefits and doing so around the holidays is no different. Giving them exercise helps burn off their pent-up and excitable energy so when guests start to arrive or you hit the road, they’ll be tired and more likely to rest. Similarly, taking yourself for a walk can help relieve stress that is known to accompany family holidays.

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From the 4LegsFriend family, we wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!

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