5 Benefits of Dog Ownership


If you’re reading this, then we probably don’t need to convince you that dogs are amazing. But, did you know that aside from sweet cuddles, unconditional love, and laughter your companion comes with other physical and mental benefits? Keep reading if you need help convincing your family that you need a dog or want a few reminders about why dogs are great friends to have around.


1. We exercise more. It might not be surprising but studies have shown that dog owners walk more than non-dog owners - on average, about 20 minutes more a day! We all know that exercise serves our health in a lot of ways so enjoy those extra steps with Spot. When you’re hitting the pavement don’t forget to grab a water bowl and strap a dog safety reflective vest on your canine companion especially if you’re heading out early in the morning or late in the day. Beyond walks, your dog (depending on their size and breed) could be a great pal to inspire you to head out on more adventurous activities like hikes or swimming.


2. They’re good with icebreakers. While it’s not a good, sole reason to bring a dog into your home, pups are the ultimate conversation icebreaker, especially if you’re generally shy in social situations. If you’re a dog owner and looking to meet new friends, then head down to the dog park with your buddy. If you live in a larger city, look into Meetup groups with a focus on your dog’s breed or check out a pet-friendly beer garden. You just never know who you might meet!


3. They lower our stress. While owning a dog isn’t entirely stress-free, studies have shown that the presence of a dog can lower overall stress and increase productivity particularly in workplaces. Another study suggests that merely thinking about our pet can boost our mind and productivity. We also know dogs are good for a laugh and who hasn’t felt a little lighter after a good laughter session!


4. Good at keeping us company. As well as lowering our stress levels, having a dog as a companion has been shown to provide therapeutic benefits. For folks who live with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues, a dog can help improve self-esteem and combat loneliness. It should be noted that while dogs can be supportive in our mental well being, it’s always a good idea to visit your primary physician to address any health concerns.


5. Dr. Buddy the Dog. Well, not quite. But, our dogs can help with physical health benefits including lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health. It’s also said that children who are exposed to animals early in life are less likely to develop related allergies and have stronger immunity levels altogether.


This list barely doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface when it comes to why having a dog around is tops! Show your fur baby that you love and appreciate them with our selection of dog toys and products at 4LegsFriend.com.

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