5 Facts About Beagles that Will Leaving You Howlingly Happy


Beagles are one of the most adorable dog breeds. These petite but sturdy dogs win the hearts of everyone lucky enough to meet one. From their friendly demeanor to their love of snuggling, it’s no wonder Beagles are the 6th most popular dog breed in the United States and just as adored internationally. So, is there something beyond a Beagle’s adorable face, big eyes, and soft ears that make them uniquely lovable? You bet! Here are some little-known facts that make Beagles even more amazing!


1. The Origin of Their Name is a Mystery Experts haven’t been able to trace where the name “Beagle” actually comes from. There are many similar words in German, French, and Old English. The French possibilities, begueule and beugler, mean “wide open mouth” and “bellowing.” The Old English word beag means “small,” which would also make sense considering the compact stature of these cute dogs.


2. Beagles Have Likely Been Around for a Very Long Time The true lineage of where this breed came from is not 100% clear, but there’s a chance that they descended from small rabbit hunting hounds that some Romans returned from England with the 400 B.C. This means they’ve been around long enough to see a lot of history.


3. They’re Perfectly Balanced Pets When It Comes to Play and Friendship Beagles are often considered the ideal family dog. They love to play but aren’t too shy to flop down and relax when the occasion calls for it. They’re even known for wanting to snuggle up with their favorite plush toys after play sessions. Their curiosity and social personalities make them great dogs to raise alongside kids.


4. A Beagle’s Nose is 44 Times More Powerful Than Yours If you own a Beagle, you probably already know how powerful their noses are. Beagles used their powerful sniffers for tracking small game like rabbits. Their strong sense of scent and quick pace made them ideal for hunting, and even though, they’re not used for hunting as frequently now, their noses remain incredibly sensitive. How sensitive? While you have 5 million scent receptors, Beagles have over 220 million! If you have a Beagle with a relentless sense of scent, a Snuffle Mat is the perfect way to keep your dog busy while exercising his or her natural talent.


5. These Tiny Pooches Used to be Even Smaller Nowadays, Beagles stand about 13 to 15-inches tall. If you saw the same breed 600 years ago, though, they’d be quite a bit more compact. During the reign of Henry VII, Beagles were pocket-sized. They were about 8 or 9-inches tall and could be easily carried with one hand.


Beagles Just Make Life Better! Beagles are loyal, sweet, and quirky. They love going on outdoor adventures but prefer following their own path, guided by their noses. It’s no wonder so many pop culture cartoon dogs, like Snoopy and Odie, are modeled after the upbeat little Beagle. Beagles may be man and woman’s best friend.

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