5 Tail Wagging Tips for a Dog-Friendly Christmas


The holiday season the best time of year for pup parents. But between the hustle, bustle, travel plans, and strangers Christmas can be stressful for our pups. We know it isn’t fair for us to have all the fun since our dogs bring us so much joy. So we wanted to share some ways to make your holidays, howl-i-days that you and your dog are sure to love.


1. Create a Puppy Winter Wonderland

As you’re decorating for house guests, a Christmas party, or just for the kids, decorate one room just for your pup. Use electric candles instead of real flames, cover a few canvases with pet-friendly wrapping paper, and hang some foam ornaments. This is the perfect spot to take those sharable photos with your dog wearing a Santa hat, elf ears, or reindeer antlers.

This is also a great place for your dog to sneak off to if she gets overwhelmed by the festivities.


2. Bake Some Delicious Doggie Biscuits

They may not have chocolate, but fresh baked cookies will truly get your dog’s tail wagging. Go with oatmeal and peanut butter for a jaw-smacking treat. You don’t even need to bake these if you don’t want to. Just combine peanut butter, canned pumpkin, and a splash of milk, roll them into balls and then roll them in raw oats.

Don’t forget to leave some out for Santa’s reindeer!


3. Puppy-Proof Your Tree and Holiday Treats

Keeping the fun in the holiday includes keeping everyone (including your pup) safe. Don’t hang edible ornaments or garland anywhere your dog can reach. Make sure your tree is secure and won’t tip over if your dog bumps into it. And never keep chocolate where your dog might feel tempted to snatch some.


4. Inform Guests of Your Dog Policies and Provide Dog-Friendly Treats

It’s hard to resist those puppy eyes, and some guests may feel tempted to share their dinner with your dog. So, before guests arrive, be sure you let them know what is okay to give your dog and what’s off-limits.

If you want to encourage healthy handouts, keep several decorative bowls filled with training treats throughout the house. This will give you control over what your dog eats while allowing your guests to bond with your pup. Just make sure the dog cookies don’t look too similar to human cookies, otherwise, your guests might be in store for a surprise.


5. Your Good Boy or Girl Deserves Some Gifts

As the kids unwrap their presents, dogs can get a bit curious and confused by what’s theirs or not. Include your pup in the tradition by providing presents just for her. This will curb her desire to chew on your kids’ new stuffed animals and help her get some anxious energy out.

We suggest getting your pup some toys that will last and keep her busy for quite some time.

  • New rope toys are perfect for tug and an after-lunch-energy-release!

  • Plush toys are adorable, and without the annoying fluff to clean up, they won’t add another chore to your post-holiday tidying list.

  • If you want to give your dog the gift of better gastrointestinal health, a snuffle mat will slow her down as she enjoys her dinner to prevent bloat while providing her with healthy mental stimulation.

  • And if safety is key, a reflective vest provides wonderful visibility when you’re on walks with your best friend.


Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! And happy holidays from our family to yours! We hope you have a safe, fun, and wail-wagging time with your 4-legged friend this year!

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