5 Unforgettable Winter Activities to Try with Your Dog


Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with your dog. Winter may not be the best time to go canoeing, but it does have some uniquely inspiring activities you and your dog can enjoy! So, find your coat, grab the leash, and get ready for our favorite and most unforgettable winter activities to try with your fuzzy best friend.


1. Take a Winter Round Trip

If your dog lives for the car, a winter road trip is a great way to get away and bond with your best buddy. Find a little-known dog-friendly destination and set out on an adventure. Take pictures with your pup at each pitstop and don’t forget to bring your dog’s water bowl, leash, and some kibble.


2. Go for a Hike

Sometimes it surprises us how when we suggest this, we get people that respond that they never considered hiking during winter. If you’re one of those dog parents that hasn’t experienced a winter expedition, you should.

Hiking in winter is both serene and exciting. You can hear the tiniest scurry of small animals and the crunch and crack of the frozen ground beneath your feet.

Just be sure you bring along your collapsible water bowl, protect your pup’s paws, and use a reflective vest in case the sun starts to set before you make it back to the car.


3. Enjoy Some Stargazing

So, it gets dark early. Make the most of the short days by enjoying what the long nights have to offer: stars. Bring a folding chair and layer up and drive far enough outside of town that the city lights don’t obstruct your view.

Bring a glow-in-the-dark ball and a few plush toys and ropes to keep your dog busy beneath the blanket of stars.


4. Doggie Hide-n-Seek

Don’t let the winter “blahs” get the better of your dog. If you have a bored pup on your hands, hide some treats and your dog’s favorite toys in the backyard. He’ll love hunting for them, and you’ll get a kick out of watching him race around looking for them. If you really want to get his tail wagging, surprise your pupper with a few new rope toys.


5. Say “Cheese!” and Try a Winter Photoshoot

The crisp winter air can add definition and drama to photos. If you don’t believe us, try it out. Pamper your dog with an action-packed winter photoshoot. Bring a few balls and launch them as far as you can. When your dog turns to bring the ball back to you, get low, and snap a few shots of him in full stride. If you can see the cloudy puffs of his breath, it’s an exciting bonus.


Get Out There and Enjoy Some Fun with Your 4-Legged Snow Buddy

Stop suffering from cabin fever and enjoy some fun with your dog. Make unforgettable memories and increase your bond while having a blast. We hope you’ll try one of these winter adventures!

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