7 Amazing Things That Make Golden Retrievers Unique


Golden Retrievers aren’t just adorable, they’re also one of the most popular family dogs in the U.S. and beyond. These golden beauties are friendly, playful, affectionate, and sometimes silly. If you already love these dogs, we have some facts that you might find surprising. If you aren’t already enamored by this unique breed, prepare your heart, we have some reasons for you to fall head-over-heels for Golden Retrievers.


1. This American Favorite Is Not American at All

If its ginger fur didn’t give it away, the Golden Retriever hails from Scotland. If the Golden Retriever’s Scottish descent doesn’t surprise you, maybe this will: the Golden Retriever’s roots reach back to Russian sheepdogs that traveled through Scotland with the circus.


2. They Really Are Retrievers

While most Goldens live comfy lives at home with their families, this breed was created to assist during aristocracy hunting trips. Lord Tweedmouth, a 19th-century Scottish gentleman, helped develop the breed to be better hunting partners than the Irish Setter or Spaniel.

Lord Tweedmouth succeeded. These dogs paid great attention and dove into the water without hesitation. From there, the Golden Retriever earned acclaim as a skilled retriever of waterfowl.


3. You Can’t Keep Golden Retrievers Out of the Water

Because of their hard-wired instinct to immerse themselves in water, Golden Retrievers love to swim. Many Golden owners are shocked and surprised the first time they walk their dogs near a pond or stream and their dog runs full speed into the water.

This love sometimes expresses itself in the Goldens’ unique love of rolling in mud and puddles.


4. Several Goldens Have Been in the Oval Office

That’s right: two previous presidents enjoyed the company Golden Retrievers while in the White House. Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford both had pet Goldens.

Both dogs sported patriotic names worthy of their presidential positions: Liberty and Victory.


5. These Dogs Play Hard and Work Harder

Golden Retrievers are a bright, inquisitive, patient, and attentive breed. These traits mean they need more mental and physical stimulation than most breeds. They love toys and tug ropes. Goldens also love to walk, even at night. This has helped them learn a wide range of jobs.

Police officers, firefighters, and search-and-rescue teams rely on their Goldens. Why? They have a great ability to follow directions and sharp senses of smell.

You will also find them wearing service dog vests and loyally working alongside people as therapy dogs and service dogs.


6. You May Want to Hide Beneath Your Golden When It Rains

If you’re ever trapped in a thunderstorm, your Golden won’t get too soaked. Golden Retrievers have water repellant coats. When Lord Tweedmouth created this breed to aid in hunting ducks and geese, their coats came in handy. The Golden Retriever’s coat helped them adapt well to swimming then returned to the hunting party to dry quickly.


7. Goldens Have a Natural Instinct to Care for Others

You’ve probably seen the videos of a Golden following behind a kitten or even deer. While they don’t often get the opportunity, Golden Retrievers are known for their ability to nurture and bond with other animals. This shouldn’t really surprise you, though, they are one of the friendliest breeds you will find.

Aren’t Golden Retrievers Worthy of Their Golden Coats and Reputations?

We hope you learned more about this amazing breed that deserves all the love we have for them. From presidents to Irish aristocracy, these dogs have a rich history that makes them a wonderful addition to any home. Take this Golden opportunity to share this article

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