7 Fun and Fascinating Facts About French Bulldogs


Brace yourself for bat ears, pudgy butts, and some of the cutest smooshed faces you’ll ever see. We want to shine some light on some lesser-known facts about one of America’s favorite breeds: the French Bulldog!

This breed is spunky, playful, and compact but not fragile. They’re known for thriving in big cities and learning how to skateboard. But what else makes Frenchies one of the most beloved breeds?


Here are our favorite 7 facts about Frenchies that might surprise you:

1. Frenchies aren’t really French

French Bulldogs actually originated in England. Bred as a more petite version of the English Bulldog, the Frenchie became a favorite of English lacemakers. So, how did they earn their Parisian name?

When lace makers moved to Paris, they brought these compact and tenacious canine companions with them. Soon, they caught the attention of the French elite who couldn’t be seen without one of these beloved beauties in their arms.


2. French Bulldogs snore while they snooze

Snorts, slurps, yaps, and yips are just some of the unique noises Frenchies make. But these flat-faced four-legged friends may be best known for their snoring. In fact, it’s their short snout that makes them more prone to snoring.


3. Celebrities love Frenchies

It’s not just 21st-century celebrities that express a soft spot for Frenchies. The elite, affluent, and influential of 19th century French high society fell in love with French Bulldogs, too.

As for celebrities that adore their own beloved Frenchies. You’ll find theses pups on the laps of

  • Lady Gaga

  • Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson

  • Rachel Bilson

  • Martha Stewart

  • Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Hilary Duff

  • High Jackman


4. Frenchies are tough on toys

This Bully breed loves rope toys, plush toys, and chew toys. They are super hard on them, though. French Bulldogs tend to tear up and shred most toys. In fact, they often seem to be bent on leaving their toys in shreds. French Bulldog parents invest in more toys than most other pet parents.


5. Water wings necessary: Frenchies can’t swim

There aren’t swim lessons that can help this top-heavy breed—they’re simply not built to swim. While most dogs will bob back up with their heads above the water, Frenchies tend to sink and fall face-down. And their little arms and legs just aren’t long or strong enough to keep them afloat. Their short snouts also lead to breathing issues that can become quite serious when it comes to swimming.


6. Frenchie ears created controversy

When the Frenchie breed first began getting recognition, English and American Frenchie fans couldn’t agree if the rosebud ears or bat ears should be the standard.  This created a schism and led to the creation of the French Bulldog Club of America after American outrage during the Westminster show in 1898.


7. Prepare for the pouts: French Bulldogs are super sensitive

While Frenchies may seem stubborn, they are listening. When Frenchies get scolded, they tend to slink off and sulk because they get their feelings hurt quite easily. And they don’t get over their feelings quickly. So, be kind, be patient, and be positive with a Frenchie pooch.


Frenchies Are Fascinating, Aren’t They?

This fun, funky, feisty, and fascinating breed isn’t going anywhere any time, soon. From their lace district beginnings to the laps of the rich and famous, Frenchies are one of the most amazing breeds you’ll find. And we tend to agree.

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