A Letter Max Wrote To Santa 🎅

Max Wrote a letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been a very good boy this year! Sure, I know that I bark when the doorbell rings or a stranger comes into the house but I’m only trying to protect my family and home so I hope you will take this into consideration as you compile your naughty and nice list! 

I know you and the elves are very busy right now getting ready to deliver toys to all of the good boys and girls around the world but if I may, I wanted to share a few items on my wish list…


1.    Lots of treats! I especially love bones made for dogs because as you know, it’s not a good idea to give me cooked bones from my human’s meal (as much as I beg!) Bones are great because I can chew on them and stay entertained when my family is busy. 

2.   Dog Lion Mane Wig: It would be so fun to wear this and pretend to be the King of the Jungle. I think my family and all of their friends would laugh and be really happy if they saw me wearing one. I love making everyone happy!

3.   Dog Rope Toys: I can get bored pretty easily but these dog rope toys would be perfect to pass the time when my family can’t play or snuggle with me. I think I heard my human say something about it being good for my teeth too, which I guess is important.

4.  Dog Reflective Vest: Sometimes my human and I go for walks early in the morning or when the sun is going down and it can be hard for drivers to see us so a dog reflective vest would be perfect to help keep us safe!

5. A home for every stray or rescue dog: I am so lucky to have a home filled with love, belly rubs, and treats but I know not every dog is as fortunate as me. I know it’s a tall order, Santa, but I think the world would be a much better place if we could help out charities that are working hard to find forever homes for stray and rescue dogs. I heard that 4LegsFriend will be donating 120% of the profits from purchases made on 4LegsFriend Amazon store to a dog rescue charity but you need to enter the code: DOGRESCU to make sure your purchase is included! The code is valid until January 15, 2019 - so, please keep them in mind as you’re searching for the perfect pet product and puppy present for Christmas and the New Year!

I think that covers everything! I hope you, Mrs. Clause, and all of the elves up at the North Pole have a happy, safe Christmas and a peaceful new year!

Love from your canine friend, Max

P.S. 4LegsFriend will announce more about their holiday donation and chosen dog rescue charity by the end of January 2109 on Facebook so be sure to go like their page! Click here.

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