A Spring Checklist For You & Your Pup

Spring is officially here! After being stuck inside all winter, dogs (and people) are anxious to get outside and start making the most of the longer days and mild weather. During this seasonal transition, we’ve put together the following tips so you and your fur baby can fully enjoy the great outdoors together this spring. 


1.   Get up to date on health: As the weather warms up, mosquitoes start to become more active which can spread heart worm disease so if your pup isn’t already taking heart worm medicine, this is a good time start. It’s also an ideal time to look into tick and flea preventative products, which your vet can help you determine the best option. As you spend more time outdoors with your buddy, make it a habit to check them for any ticks. Check out this helpful guide from the AKC on how to look for ticks. Finally, if you haven’t visited your vet for a while, make time for a health check-up and ensure your pup up to date on vaccinations.


2. Get ready for more time outdoors: Stock up on all the gear you and your dog will need to stay safe and healthy while maximizing on outdoor time. For early morning or evening walks, equip your pup with our reflective vest. Carry along collapsible bowls for water and even some toys to play with at the park (which are much safer than sticks found on the ground after the winter thaw). Tempting as it might be, avoid taking your dog for a long walk, especially if they have largely been inactive through the winter. Like humans, too much strenuous exercise after a period of inactivity can lead to injuries so ease into it. 


3.   Keeping your pup (and house) clean: While the longer, warmer days generally offer a welcome respite after a long winter, spring also comes with rain, slush, and mud. Especially if your pooch has a long coat, clear out some time to take your dog for a visit to a groomer. Whether your pup has short or long hair, it’s a good idea to keep a towel near the door so you can wipe your dog off after coming back inside and minimize mess inside your home. Wet wipes are also handy, especially to wipe off their paws. If your buddy is often traveling in the car with you, make sure to keep towels and/or wet wipes in your car, too. 


4.   Spring clean with pet safety in mind: While you’re opening all the windows, clearing out clutter, and giving your home a deep clean, pay attention to your pet’s whereabouts and make sure any cleaning products are out of their reach. Similarly, make sure any gates or doors are blocked off so your buddy can’t easily escape your yard or home while you’re in cleaning mode.

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