Brave, Brilliant, and Beautiful: German Shepherd Dogs


Year after year, the German Shepherd Dog tops the charts of America’s favorite dog breeds. If you’ve ever wondered why we love these dogs so darn much, we have answers for you. If your German Shepherd is sitting right next to you as you read this, you likely know why. This article gives you even more reasons to love and admire the German Shepherd Dog (GSD).

Why Do People Love German Shepherds So Much?


1. These dogs are among the smartest breeds.

They are number-three on to WebMD’s Fetch list of the most intelligent dog breeds. It’s no wonder these dogs have some of the most important jobs to do—they can be trusted to understand and complete their duties correctly.


2. German Shepherds work alongside some of the bravest people.

German Shepherds have a long history of being used as K-9s for Americans and other police forces. They also make amazing military working dogs. They’ve proved themselves dependable and astute when it comes to working with search-and-rescue teams as well.


3. Same dog different name: German Shepherds aren’t just beloved by Americans.

English and other Europeans adore them, tool. But in Great Britain and Europe, they’re more often referred to as “the Alsatian.”


4. You never really see a fat German Shepherd.

Why? These dogs are pure energy. They love to exercise and stay as active as possible. They excel when it comes to agility training and learning new tasks. If you want to keep your GSD busy, teach them a new chore, and they’ll be happy to oblige.

To keep your German Shepherd mentally stimulated, a snuffle mat can make mealtime a fun activity and help them release a bit of excess energy.


5. Their willingness to please and ability to learn makes German Shepherds one of the most trainable breeds in the world.

Duncan, aka Rin-Tin-Tin, was one of the first dogs that made his namesake on the big screen. He was rescued from a French kennel during WWII by a Corporal who brought him home to Los Angeles and taught him what he needed to know to win the hearts of Americans. In fact, he was so beloved, he received more than 10,000 letters from fans each week.


6. German Shepherds were bred to herd, but that didn’t last all that long.

Strong and smart, this breed became a natural winner in the fields at the beginning of the 20th-century. But as the Industrial Revolution swept their country of origin, Germany, the originator of this breed realized this dog’s future would be dependent on its ability to serve police and the military. And we all know how that story turned out.


7. Their bite is worse than their bark. GSD has one of the most powerful jaws of any dog.

This makes them ideal for police work and protecting their homes. This also means they require durable toys that last and last. Keeping a GSD busy and happy requires toys like strong rope tugs that can stand up to their powerful bite.


German Shepherd Dogs Rock!

These dogs make us smile, are built to please, and are one of the most loyal breeds you’ll find. From their humble beginning as herding dogs to the battlefields, German Shepherds earn their keep. This among many other reasons make them deserving of happy homes, lots of love, and all the fun we can offer.

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