Calling All Party Pups! 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your 4-Legged Friend


Don’t let your party pupper become a party pooper this year. After the fireworks have settled and things return to normal, embrace change for a better you and a happier dog with some simple resolutions. If you want to make the most of a New Year’s resolutions, we have some suggestions for dog-friendly ways to make 2020 the best! And don’t worry--these are easy to stick to.


Resolution 1: Turn Your Couch Potato Pooch into an Active Canine

Don’t let your dog sit around all day, moping and catnapping. Get him up and out of the house! Increase your dog’s walks this year for improved mental and physical health.

Planning extra walks will help you improve your health along with your dog’s overall wellbeing. And walks will help prevent your pup from becoming the shape of a potato, too.

If your dog gets one walk per day, double it! One morning walk and one evening walk can help him his joints and muscle tone.

If your dog already receives two walks, add a shorter outing into the mix. Just remember to stay safe and visible on your walks. Use a visibility vest to keep your best bud safe.


Resolution 2: Help Your Hound Make New Friends

Whether your dog suffers from social anxiety or just doesn’t meet many other dogs, it’s time for a change. Check out the local dog parks, set up puppy playdates, or make an appointment with the behaviorist to help your pupper cope with his nerves.

Encourage healthy play with some new toys that every dog will love.


Resolution 3: A Diet Done Right: Your Dog Can Skip the Human Food

So, we all make plans for diets in the new year, and what happens? We give up after a couple of weeks. Why? Often because they’re too strict. One way to ease your dog into a healthier diet is to reduce the number of handouts he eats.

This resolution helps cut back on excess calories and can help your dog develop better table manners.


Resolution 4: Make Time for More Fun

We get busy. It happens. But if you haven’t let loose and enjoyed some lighthearted play with your four-legged pal since he was a puppy, make time to. Our dogs get bored which can have a harmful effect on their mental health, especially as they get older.

Playing with your pup will help bring the zest and excitement back into his life. Revealing some new plush toys does the trick. And without the stuffing, they won’t make a mess.


Resolution 5: Learn New Tricks!

All dogs can learn new tricks. If it’s been years since you practiced some commands with your dog, add them back into the routine or find some new skills for him to learn. Staying mentally engaged and learning will challenge your dog and improve his quality of life.

Some New Tricks You Might Want to Check Out Include

  • Spin

  • Down

  • Rollover

  • Pick Which Hand Has the Treat

  • Jump Over the Stick or Through the Hoop

  • Find the Leash

  • Clean Up Your Toys

  • Crawl

  • Play Dead


Have a Happy New Year with Your 4-Legged Friend!

We wish you happiness and fun with your dog this year! We hope you’ll try out some of these simple resolutions that will increase the joy in your dog’s life. Happy New Year from our home to yours!

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