Have a Safe and Happy Howl-O-Ween!


Fall is officially here! The temperatures are dropping off, the leaves redden as the kids prepare for trick or treating, and your dog is probably enjoying the cool outdoors. This time of year is filled with joy and excitement as the holidays' approach. Keep the fun and festivities going by protecting your pooch from these dangers that pop up this time of year!


Halloween Safety Tips that are More Treat than Trick!

1. As Trick-or-Treaters Stop by Keep Your Dog Far from the Door

Most dogs get amped with they hear the doorbell ring. Others prepare like little escape artists to dart out the door as soon as it opens. Reduce your stress and protect your dog by keeping her in a comfy room far from the door. Play relaxing music to distract her from the bell and turn the lights off to help keep her calm as the excitement unfolds outside.


2. Keep the Candy Out of Reach of Curious Canines

Chocolate and dogs don’t mix. Even if you buy chocolate-free sweets, you don’t want your precious pup getting sick from a candy buffet. Dogs seem to become acrobats when we leave them alone, so make sure you keep that candy up high when you leave your house.


3. If You’re Bringing Your Dog Trick-or-Treating, Keep Everyone Safe

Some dogs get a kick out of joining the little ones as they go door to door or trunk to trunk. It can be a great bonding experience, especially if you dress your dog up as well. Just be sure you keep your puppy safe and visible to protect her and the kids.

Steer clear of glow sticks, though. These can be dangerous or deadly for dogs.

A reflective vest is a great way to be sure your dog and your kids can be seen by passing cars. You can even add a hardhat and tell everyone she’s a construction worker. Bring along a collapsible bowl and water to help keep her hydrated.


4. Jack-o-Lanterns and Candle are a Dog No-No

If you decide to carve a pumpkin, use a battery-powered candle to make it pet-safe. Keep all candles afar from your dog, and she won’t mind if you don’t invite to her any backyard campfires you may host.


5. Don’t Let Your Dog Play Dress Up Unattended

While costumes are adorable, some dogs will do anything to get them off. This can lead to scratches and a possible choking hazard. If your pup is going to be a princess, cowgirl, or pumpkin, make sure you keep her in sight at all times.


Make this October about more treats than tricks. Throw a dog costume party and provide your pup and all her friends with some fresh toys for some tug-o-war. Make fresh pumpkin treats and have a blast! Have a safe, fun, and fest Howl-O-Ween!

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