Strange Dog Behaviour Explained


We love our pups but there have likely been a few times when your dog’s behavior has made you scratch your head. Largely, these behaviors are nothing to be concerned with right away. However, be sure to pay attention to any new or unusual behaviors. If anything becomes recurring and appears to be creating issues with your pup, then it’s time to consult your veterinarian who can help guide you in the next best steps. With that, here are some of the more common behaviors of our dogs and what they mean:


1. Chasing their tail: Initially, it can be amusing to watch your dog spinning in circles trying to get their tail. You might be able to chalk it up to boredom, especially if it’s something that your dog doesn’t do often. As a starting point, ensure that your pup is getting exercise and opportunity to burn off some pent-up energy. You can also try to provide your pup with a toy such as our rope toy set or stuffing-less plush toys and see if this distracts them. However, if this tail-chasing behavior persists then you should check in with your veterinarian as this could be a sign of a medical condition.


2. Tilt their head: Funny sounds, high-pitched noises, and whistling can all lead to arguably one of the cutest dog behaviors - tilting their head to the side. There isn’t a concrete reason why they do this but dog experts believe that they are simply trying to figure out what the sound is or where it’s coming from. Also, it could be that they are trying to pick out a familiar word or tone. Maybe magic words like “treat” or “walk”! If you are indeed heading out on a walk, then be sure to dress your buddy up in a safety reflective vest - especially during early mornings or at dusk. Heading out on a long walk? Don’t forget your collapsible travel bowls!


3. Walking in circles before lying down: It’s believed that this behavior stems from wild dogs who had to create a bed out of leaves, brush, and grass. The easiest way to achieve this was to walk in a circle to create a cushion for themselves and their pups. Now even though your fur baby has a dog bed (or sleeps on your bed!), this behavior carries on.


4. Eats poop: Ok, we know this isn’t a very endearing habit but you also don’t need to be alarmed with to start. Puppies might carry this instinct from their litter. Of course, if they continue to eat feces then it’s time to look at their diet as it could be a sign of malnutrition or poor digestion. Sometimes this behavior is attributed to attention-seeking, especially if you got upset with them in the past. While this is a negative reaction, your pup realizes that they’re getting attention from you.


But, no matter how quirky our canine pals are, we love them unconditionally! Pick up everything that you need for your pal at

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