Dogs love to chew! When our homes and belongings pay the price, we have to reprimand our pet making him/her and us feel really bad. 

This 3 piece set comes to prevent those bad feelings and at the same time, keep our dogs healthy and happy and create enjoyable and loving memories with them for many years to come. 

The set comprises: 
* 24” Thick Rope with 3 Knots. 
* Rope Knot Ball with pulling handle. 
* 4” Rope Knot Ball. 
* 2 Knot Rope with Chewing Rubber Ball. 
* Yellow Nylon carry bag. 
The benefits of playing with the 4legsfriend ropes are many: 
* Bonding - when you play with your pet you bond with him/her. 
* Training - teach your dog to come, fetch and release. 
* Hygiene - Pulling on the rope creates friction which cleans the teeth and 
massages the gums preventing decay and gum disease. 
* With 4 different types of rope to choose from you have an unlimited number of games to play and consequently many different responses from your dog. He/she will not be bored for one moment which will ensure that your home is safe from inquisitive and destructive behavior. 
* 100% non-toxic cotton, they are machine washable so that your house can be free of germs and you don’t have to worry if your children happen to pick up one of the dog’s ropes. 
* Multi Colors for your pooch and also because they are really easy to find in the grass or in the house. 

It’s not that often that you will see ropes which are specially manufactured for Medium to Large dogs or for smaller dogs with a fantastic grip. Both of these categories of pet need to be treated as special so here they are, ropes just for them.

4LegsFriend Tug of War Toy Set for Aggressive Chewers - 4 Pack Ropes